Service on an Owner: 14/06/23

A corporation can serve a document, such as a written notice or request, on an owner using the following methods:

  1. Personal Service: The document can be served by physically delivering it to the owner.
  2. Ordinary Mail or Recorded Mail: The document can be sent to the owner’s address as registered at a land titles office via regular or recorded mail.
  3. Alternative Address for Service: If the owner has provided an alternative address for service to the corporation, the document can be sent to that address either by ordinary mail or recorded mail.
  4. Electronic Means: If the owner has specifically provided an electronic address to the corporation for communication, the document can be served electronically to that address.

Additionally, the provided information specifies the deemed date of service as follows:

  1. Recorded Mail: Service is deemed to have been effected on the date when acknowledgment of receipt of recorded mail is signed.
  2. Ordinary Mail: Service is deemed to have been effected 7 days after the date when the document is sent.
  3. Electronic Means: Service is deemed to have been effected 24 hours after the document is sent by electronic means.

It’s important to review the relevant laws, regulations, and governing documents specific to your jurisdiction and circumstances to ensure compliance with the correct procedures for serving documents to owners.